Virtual Private Cloud Solution

VPC Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises.

VPC Solution gives your company impassable security, real time scalability and collaboration, backup and recovery guaranteed application and data availability, monitoring and reporting, and support. It eliminates the costly and unpredictable expenses associated with running an internal IT department in your company.
We offer a range of cloud services to enable companies to work smarter, faster and with more flexibility, scaling programs and servers resources as needed.

WebAngel VPC uses the newest technologies to deploy activities more effectively and to provide a completely secure platform for companies to access applications by using new tools to transform the way business is running.

Private IT Cloud Solution with WebAngel

No OS limits

Whether your application runs on Linux, Unix, Windows or Mac our Cloud will cover you. Including updates, DoS protection and Firewall services

Privacy and Security

Your Private Cloud access is limited to you or your exclusive group of users (for example your company) because of the need for system and data security.

The system is under your control with consumer-controlled access to these resources by authorised users, via a secure-access method, such as a login ID and password.

Flexible and infinite scaling

Immediately scale up whenever you have the need for additional resources. Whenever you need our VPC we can allow for a sudden increase in demand by the users so we can add or reduce CPU, RAM, Bandwidth or Storage in minutes. It saves your time and money.

Software as a Service

Pick your application stack and upload the applications in minutes not days. No matter how many PC’s or other devices you own in your office or how big your company is. Our Servers are configured for many applications including ticketing system, CRM, blogs, e-mails or Wordpress. In minutes you can enjoy your new application on your machine or other devices and in many locations.

Freedom of Location

Our Service involves using the Internet, and this can provide access from multiple locations and many different types of user device so you can enjoy your applications whenever and wherever you need them.

Reduced Costs

A virtual Private Cloud service is paid for on a usage basis. And you don't need to house, staff and maintain your own equipment which means no hardware problem.

What you can use your Cloud VPC for:

  • Running your website including ecommerce and web shops
  • Send and receive files or e-mails regardless of your location
  • Control your office remotely
  • Use CRM on many devices and from many locations
  • Developing websites and applications
  • Testing applications
  • Storing data

Who should use VPS Cloud solution:

Any business with needs of:

  • Running personal or business web page
  • Running business application
  • Free internal It resources and disc space
  • Reduce costs spend on IT in your office
  • Reduce IT risk
  • Increase your data security

VPC Cloud Solutions v. dedicated hosting solutions

Our VPC Cloud is run on XEN Virtualization tool. With VPC Cloud you don't get specific hardware so you are not limited with capacity of that hardware. You get access to the pool of processing power, RAM and storage. If needed you can increase or reduce your VPC Cloud Service in minutes. VPC Cloud Solution is similar to dedicated servers in sense that your resource are dedicated rather then shared.